At New Direction Strategies, we concentrate on several core focus issues. As the times change and conditions within society change, so do these issues. This strategic flexibility enables NDS to be responsive to critical concerns within society as well as to be proactive in doing its part in establishing a future vision and direction.

At NDS, our current core strategic focus areas are:

*     Crime and Justice Policy Issues - Federal, State, and Local

*     Drug Policy - Global and Domestic

*     Environmental Policy and Climate Change

*     Alternative Energy Strategies, "Green" Technology, and Renewable                      Resource Management

*     Education Reform for Maintaining a Competitive Edge

*     Regional Planning and Developing Economies of Scale

*     Economic Policy - Global and Domestic

*     Health Care Reform and Underserved Populations

*     Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorders and Treatment

*     Civil Society and Social Justice Issues

At NDS, the only thing that matters is your success.